The legendary Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo has posted a new photo with the guitarist of the band, Kirk Hammett, and teased the upcoming projects for the first time ever in social media.

As you may read the caption of the post below, Rob stated that they are about to make a duet rehearsal soon and teased that the event will take place in Estonia. He also added that this rare photo was taken by Metallica photographer, Steffy Spurs.

Here is the caption Rob wrote:

“Hmmm… Looks like a Duet rehearsal.

But where? Estonia perhaps? @kirkhammett @metallica Photo by Steffan Chirazi. #metallica #jamming #duets #tourlife #estonia”

An Instagram personality named cornerpubsports commented:

“The bigger question is, are you guys working on new material during all of this?!? 😁”

Another user named cjsteven made one of the most-liked comment:

“Kirk looks pissed cause he found out the pedal in the cockpit wasn’t a WAH pedal.”

You can check out the latest Instagram photo of Kirk & Rob below.