Metallica bass guitarist Rob Trujillo spoke in the interview with Louder Sound and remembered the time when they met Ozzy Ozzybourne while mentioning some interesting conversation they had.

In the interview, Rob stated that they were roommates and studio-mates with Ozzy while they were recording ‘The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move’ with Infectious Grooves. In the meantime, Ozzy was working on his ‘No More Tears’ album, which is also the longest solo song that Osbourne has ever recorded

Furthermore, Rob said that Ozzy asked them if they got any alcohol or drugs but the band members replied with ‘no’ every time. Because of that, Ozzy called them a boring band. Also, Rob explained how they convinced Ozzy sang a song for them, named ‘Therapy.’

Interviewer asked:

“How did you get to play for Ozzy Osbourne?”

Rob Trujillo responded:

“It was because of Infectious Grooves. I remember we were recording ‘The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move’ with Mark Dodson at a studio called Devonshire, and Ozzy was in there at the same time doing ‘No More Tears,’ so we were basically roommates, or studio-mates, for a while.”

Interviewer said:

“That sounds as though it could have been pretty dangerous.”

Rob Trujillo replied:

“Yes! Ozzy would be running down the hallway, completely out of his mind doing a lot of stuff back then – I can’t tell you what but pretty much anything.

We started thinking it’d be cool if he sang on a song, and we were on the same record label so he came into the studio one night and surprised us all and went, ‘Uh, hullo.'”

He added:

“Then suddenly he would never leave; he’d come in and go, ‘Let me hear the song, that’s what I want to play!’ And we’d dance and we’d do all this crazy stuff.

And he’d go, ‘Have you got any beer?’ No. ‘You got any wine?’ No. ‘You got any pills?’ No. ‘You got any cocaine?’ No, Ozzy! ‘You guys are boring!”

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