During the recent interview with Big J from 100.3 FM The X, Metallica bass guitarist Rob Trujillo has revealed what does music means to him.

He said that ‘music is like magic in my mind’, here’s the statement:

“I think with music — I call it the ultimate conduit, so that it’s the connector — and with music, and the magic of music, you’re making people happy. I used to actually run in the mountains, train to Metallica music back on the ‘Ride The Lightning’ album, so there’s always a place for it, and it’s almost always positive for most people.

I would imagine it’s helped you in your journey — our music — and it will continue to do that. Music is like magic in my mind — it’s really special. And you’re committed to music because of what you do and your job and your life.”

Lars Ulrich added:

“I think, for me, the key thing is… nowadays… When people used to say that back in the day, we, or I, or most of us, didn’t slow down long enough to take it in, or allow ourselves to take it in.

And I think the key thing now is, 35 years into this crazy ride, hearing it and allowing ourselves to take it in, internalize it and kind of feel proud about that and feel that connection that James is talking to everybody, is really cool — is really cool.”

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth. You can watch it from below.