Short-term Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and recalled the time when he attended an Iron Maiden concert with James Hetfield and another friend and posted some photos from that night.

As you might remember, Ron McGovney used to be Metallica’s original bassist in the early days of the band and they would rehearse in McGovney’s parents’ house and record in his garage. However, his career with Metallica was short-lived and he remained in the band only from October 1981 until December 1982.

Later on, McGovney opened up about the reasons why he left and said that it was because he never felt like a band member, but rather as the guy who arranged accommodation and provided financial support. When he voiced this feeling, it led to a series of arguments and ultimately he decided to quit.

However, Metallica and McGovney have now patched things up and sometimes he posts photos from his good old days with the band on his Twitter account. Recently, he posted some photos from the 1981 Long Beach Arena Iron Maiden show, which he remembers having attended with James Hetfield and David Marrs.

McGovney said that their ‘old friend Pat Scott’ remembers seeing him, Hetfield, and Marrs standing in line waiting to enter the concert. He also posted some photos taken by Scott and revealed the shock that Iron Maiden members felt upon seeing Metallica members within the audience. Especially in the first photo, Paul DiAnno seems to be quite surprised to see them singing along.

Here’s what Ron McGovney said in his recent tweet:

“Apparently, James did go with us to that Iron Maiden show at the Long Beach Arena in 1981. Our old friend Pat Scott saw us standing in line. He even sent some photos from the show. Sorry, Ross Halfin. Can’t have ’em all.”

You can check out the tweet below.