Co-founder bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney has posted a new rare story on his official Twitter account. He responded to claim that Dave Mustaine stole his Quiet Riot album when they were playing in Metallica.

About a week ago, Ron announced that he decided to sell his massive vinyl and cassette archive on eBay. Yesterday, he showed off iconic ‘Fire Down Under’ album by heavy metal band Riot and revealed the backstory of that album.

After a while, a Twitter fan, David Mars, asked a question to Ron which is about his stolen albums. If you check out the conversation, you’ll see that Ron confirmed his Diamond Head albums were stolen by Dave Mustaine, but he got them back after a short time. Check out the conversation below.

Ron shared:

“#3 in my vinyl collection will be Fire Down Under by Riot. Misprint on the spine. 1981. James and I played this one a lot. It will go on eBay later today. I will share a link when the auction goes live.”

David to Ron:

“Definitely remember this one, wow! Do you still have those Quiet Riot Albums? I remember that they were stolen by a certain redhead, just unsure if you ever got them back…”

Ron responded:

“No Dave… I don’t have the Quiet Riot albums. Sold them on eBay years ago. Mustaine stole the Diamond Head albums, but I got them back and sold them as well. I may still have one. Tell Sheila I said Hi. I hope you and the kids are well.”

You can see the conversation below.