The first bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, revealed another unknown story about James Hetfield and the band on Twitter and made everybody laugh with this statement.

A fan page of the band, Book Of Metallica, shared an old picture from Metallica’s one of the first live shows, which was in a high school in California, and unveiled that this was the first time James sang and played guitar at the same time.

After seeing this, Ron replied to the post and stated that they are trying to end the show before the launch time ends and made the setlist according to this fact because they wouldn’t have an audience to play.

Here is what Book Of Metallica wrote:

“May 25th, 1982: Metallica played a gig at Lars’ High School in California.

Facts: This was the first gig that James Hetfield both sang & played guitar! The band played “Motorbreath” live for the first time.”

Ron McGovney replied:

“We made sure that we were finished with our set by the time the lunch bell rang… 😁🤘”

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