Metallica co-manager Peter Mensch spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone and revealed one of the reasons why Metallica are as big as they are now. He said:

“James Hetfield speaks to group of people that no one else speaks to. That’s one of the reasons why Metallica are as big as they are now. No one else is even close to them.

If hard rock is about losing your inhibitions or frustrations, James Hetfield still to this day, his lyrics, are fucking angry. He’s fueled by hate also.”

He also revealed the worst moments in his management career:

“Three deaths and a missing arm. They are my worst ‘oh fuck’ moments. [AC/DC singer] Bon Scott died. [Def Leppard guitarist] Steve Clark died.

[Metallica bassist] Cliff Burton died. [Def Leppard drummer] Rick Allen lost his arm. It doesn’t get more ‘oh fuck’ than that.”

Click here to entire interview.

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