Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently shared photos in his official Instagram account. Ulrich, took lots of photos with fans who prepared creative banners for him and the band.

Here is what Ulrich wrote:

“Looking ahead to tomorrow’s final show on this North American run in Grand Rapids, and thinking about how fucking insanely awesome and way next level cool all of you are for your dedication and passion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Much love!”

And here are the things are written on the banners:

“Lars! I wish i may, i wish i might have your drumstick tonight. #Wanna # Warface”

“L.A Forum 3.6.2004: Nosebleeds. 15 years later. Rail. Getting a drumhead from Lars: Priceless!!! #Wanna”

“Lars!!! My name is Aaadi. It’s my 3rd Show and my dad’s 35th drumsticks. Metallica rulez!!!”

“Lars!!! Can i have one of these for my birthday? #Wanna #Drumhead”

You can see the photos of Ulrich below: