Metallica co-founder and also the legendary drummer of the band for many years, Lars Ulrich, has recently been interviewed by ‘Tanya’s Table Podcast’ this week and compared his hometown Gentofte Municipality, Denmark with the city he’s living right now, San Francisco.

As you might already know, Lars Ulrich has born in Denmark and he’s the son of two legendary Danish tennis players, Torben Ulrich and Einer. Just before being 18, he moved to the United States to become a professional tennis player.

However, after meeting James Hetfield and founding Metallica, he just gave up on his tennis career for good.

In his latest interview, Lars Ulrich sat down with Tanya and admitted that living in South Bay for many years makes him more and more Danish. While stating that he’s always embracing his Danish roots, he still loves to live in America and he’s got no intention to move back to Denmark yet.

Let’s check out what Lars said:

“As the world spins out of control here in many ways, I feel more and more Danish and kind of embrace my Danish roots. I love America; I love living in America. It’s been an incredible 30-[plus] years, close to 40 years now, but the Danishness in me still flourishes, and I’m very proud and happy about that side.”

He continued:

“People ask me, ‘Oh, you’re gonna move back?’ I’m, like, ‘I’m very happy,'” he continued. “I’m very happy in San Francisco. I love the Bay Area mentality and the creative energies that flow through all the different things — even tech here, obviously, where people are inventing the future.

But I’m really more and more, I think, understanding and appreciative and understand what role my upbringing and the culture and the history and the Danish worldview plays in continuously shaping who I am.”

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