Gary Holt, the former member of Slayer and the current frontman of Exodus, has wished a happy birthday to Metallica’s James Hetfield by sharing a throwback photo in which Hetfield seems like taking a selfie in 1985.

The renowned names of rock and metal music along with some close friends of Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield have celebrated the birthday of him on social media platforms. The lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett and the drummer of the band, Lars Ulrich have expressed their best wishes to Hetfield on his birthday.

Right along with Hammett and Ulrich, the great guitarist Gary Holt has remembered the special day of Hetfield and shared a rare picture on Instagram. In the group picture, which includes Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Gary Holt and more, James Hetfield holds a rubber squid that Holt gave him as a gift.

However, the rubber squid seems more like a phone which James Hetfield tries to take a selfie with. A fan named Julio has remarked the detail and commented on the post by implying that James looks like posing for a selfie with the thing in his hands in 1985 when the selfie had not even invented yet.

Here is what the fan whose name is Julio said in his comment:

“Is James taking a selfie? 🤳 lol”

Here is what Gary Holt said in the caption of his post:

“Happy birthday to James Hetfield, seen here amongst many others at Ruthies Inn on my 21st birthday! He’s holding a rubber squid I was given as a gift! Also pictured are Cliff, Lars, Dean from Vio-lence and Eric Wong. Good times!!”

You can see Holt’s post below.