The lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett sneaked a behind the scenes photo in which the frontman of the band, James Hetfield, is seen highly focused on the band’s upcoming music.

After Metallica announced the release of their new album ‘S&M2‘, which will be available on August 28, the band’s iconic guitarist Hammett began to share on Instagram some of the amazing shots that show the band’s process of making music for the new album. You can check out the details about the band’s upcoming album in our previous news.

Taken on the stage and in the studio, these pictures increased the level of excitement for the fans who look forward to the end of August. In one of the photos that Hammett shared, the photographer of the band, Brett Murray, captured James Hetfield on the front, and Kirk Hammett at the back while playing their guitars.

Here is what Hammett said in the caption:

“Sneaking some little behind the scenes shots in advance of the ‘S&M2’ release … August 28!! See the Metallica feed for details. ⚡️🖤⚡️ 📸photo📸 by Brett Murray.”

You can see Kirk Hammett’s Instagram post below.