The first bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, has revealed the untold nightclub story with James Hetfield and Jason Newsted on Twitter by replying to a fan page of Metallica.

After the 20 days of releasing the ‘…And Justice For All’ album in May 1988, Metallica played one of the first concerts at Troubadour nightclub, and James Hetfield met a person who he doesn’t expect to see during the show.

Ron stated that Lars Ulrich was calling him time after time to tell him about this concert. Furthermore, Ron decided to go to the show and stated that this was the first time he listened to the ‘Harvester Of Sorrow.’ Afterward, Ron picked up James and Jason to ride to another club.

Also, Ron reacted to the unknown record from that night, which James was surprised to see him among the audience and salute him during the show. Ron said that this is a cool record, and he never heard this before.

A fan page of the band, Book Of Metallica wrote:

“May 1st, 1988: Metallica finished recording their fourth studio album ‘…And Justice For All'”

Ron McGovney replied:

I remember Lars calling me around then to tell me that Metallica was playing a secret show at the Troubadour. I remember hearing Harvester for the first time. After the show, James and Jason rode with me to another club. Jason sat in the back of my pickup truck.”

A fan named Marc shared a rare record from that night:

“Nice call out that night, ‘Hey Ron!'”

Ron McGovney replied:

“Never heard that. Pretty cool.”

You can check out the tweets below.