Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist and the songwriter of Metallica, has expressed his grief over the death of UFO’s legendary bassist Pete Way while mentioning his great influence and unique talent.

As you know, Pete Way passed away on August 14, 2020, at the age of 69. Way died one-week after his birthday, following life-threatening injuries he had sustained in an accident two months earlier. He was survived the accident by his wife, two daughters, and younger brother. However, he lost the struggle for life as the last week ends.

With his death, the whole rock and metal music industry mourned such a tragic loss as they recalled Way’s legacy. Lots of his fans and friends, including Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Holt, Jason Bonham, David Ellefson, Geddy Lee, Joe Elliott, and the Mötley Crüe family, have talked about how devastated they have become with the news.

Like many, the iconic guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett has opened up about Pete Way and his grieving death. On one of his latest Instagram posts, Hammett said that Way was a huge influence on him.

He also added that Pete Way was musically uncompromising, and a great performer. Hammett remembered his idol by admitting that he had a unique feel and wrote some of his all-time favorite songs.

Here is what Kirk Hammett said in his recent Instagram post:

Pete Way was a huge influence on me, he was uncompromising musically,  and he was a great performer.  He had a unique feel and wrote some of my all-time fave songs. My heart goes out to all his friends and family .
Pete Way R.I.P. ! 🖤”

You can see the post below.