Former Metallica bassist and co-founder, Ron McGovney, reacted to the news of the band’s another ex-member Jason Newsted selling his house for almost $5 million and clarified the comments suggesting ‘bassists lead a good life.’

As you may know, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted purchased a lakeside New York real estate for $6.1 million, earlier this year after selling his house in Northern Carolina. Thus, he is probably not selling his house in Montana due to financial problems.

After the news that Jason Newsted is selling his house in Montana became public, there were a lot of jokes and comments flying around. One of these was that if someone asks you to be a bass player in Metallica, then you say yes.

Even though this joke amused a lot of people who argued that bass players earn a lot, there was one person who did not laugh at it. Ron McGovney, Metallica’s bass player from 1981 until 1982, said that he is not so sure about this.

When a fan asked Ron McGovney if he ever wondered what his life could have been like if he stayed with Metallica, McGovney gave an interesting response. He said ‘Considering Cliff replaced me…’

As you may recall, Cliff Burton was Metallica’s bassist from 1982 to 1986. Cliff Burton passed away on the 27th of September 1986 in a bus crash in Sweden, while Metallica was touring for the ‘Master of Puppets’ album.

It seems like Ron McGovney did not regret leaving Metallica. However, it also looks like he doesn’t agree with the view that bassists earn a lot and especially those who play for Metallica.

Here’s what Ron McGovney stated in his response:

Not so sure about this…”

You can check out the tweet about Jason Newsted selling his house below.