The legendary Metallica drummer and the co-founder of the band Lars Ulrich posted a new photo on his verified social media account and revealed an untold Glastonbury Festival story with his followers.

Lars admitted that 5 years ago they didn’t know anything at all about what’s coming for the band.

Here is his statement:

“Five years ago on this Saturday in 2014 we came to Glastonbury not knowing what to expect…

We were welcomed with love and warmly embraced. My crew and I have been coming back every year since.

There’s no place on this planet I would rather be the last weekend in June every year than Worthy Farm. #wanna #glastonbury”

An Instagram user named swinefluguy commented:

“And then all of the psychotic liberal extremists tried to get y’all outlawed from the festival. Then they shared pics of some random guy and a dead bear and said it was James. Lmao.”

Another user named lepermessiahs responded:

“Didn’t you guys dress up in bear costumes and make a video in response to the controversy about James’s hunting?”

You can see the post below.