Metallica’s legendary and iconic guitarist, Kirk Hammett posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page and revealed one of the largest bags you could ever see in your life.

As Kirk reposts the @fearfestevil‘s recent photo, he shows off his weirdly huge looking shopping bag with his followers.

Here is what he wrote:

“Ha! But yeah – sale still on …….. ⚡️🦇⚡️ #Repost @fearfestevil with @get_repost
Still time for those last-minute #cybermonday deals at #kvhtoys !! Fill that Shopping Bag! Link in the bio 🦇🖤🦇 #thekirkhammettcollection @kirkhammett #blackfriday #toomuchhorrorbusiness

A user named michelelacroix80 asked this:

“Is there a bigger duffel bag in the world?😍”

Another user, jayveldman wrote this:

“This is fucking hilarious! I bet your hoarding all of that @darkmattercoffee Ghoul Screamer coffee!”

You can check out the photo below.