Drummer and co-founder of Metallica, Lars Ulrich has shared new photo of himself with his son Layne Ulrich on Instagram.

Lars celebrated 18th birthday of Layne with a heartwarming open letter on social media, and wrote:

“Duder!!! You’re 18 bruh!!!
That’s fuckin crazy..
Now you can ….. Haha

You know what’s on that list! So proud of you big man!

Like Chris said in his speech the other day….

“You leave an UNDENIABLE mark wherever you go and whatever you get involved with!”
Love you.”

Layne responded to his dad:

“Love u dad!!!”

Check out the Instagram post below.

Lars also shared his observations on Barcelona concert which they held yesterday, and said:

“I see you Barcelona… Sunday night insanity of the highest order. What a way to end the first week of the Summer Madness… you’re beautiful, passionate, engaged and unbelievably loud!

Thanks to everyone who rolled out, and a special shout out to all you nutty ones who have joined every show so far. Happy fuckin days!!!”

Here’s the Instagram post he shared: