Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo participated in The Music Podcast, and revealed lots of interesing stuff about his son Tye Trujillo – who toured with Korn in 2017. He said that Tye refused to join Foo Fighters.

Rob Trujillo said that his 14-year-old son Tye refused opening Foo Fighters because of his band didn’t deserve it.

Here is the interview (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

The Music Podcast:

“Correct me if I’m wrong, your son at 12 years old – in 2017 – he toured with Korn, right?”

Rob Trujillo:

“Correct, yes. My son Tye is a brilliant musician, he’s a bass player, but he writes a lot of riffs on guitar.

He’s got a sort of a knack for writing great songs instrumentally, even with hip-hop and trip-hop stuff, he’s programming these and he’s very connected to his creativity, especially in music.

He can throw some incredible thrash-metal riffs at you and at the same time, he’ll jump on upright bass and start playing some sling bass line – and he actually didn’t study upright bass. It’s really neat to see, but he’s also very humble.

At 12, he sort of auditioned for that particular tour and really was amazing because he prepared all by himself – he did the research.

I was on tour most of the time, I couldn’t help him. He did all that, he played a five-string for the tour, there’s a lot of slap technique – which is something he can do not as his main thing – but he’s got a great feel for it.

My point is that he adapted to what was needed as a professional at the age of 12 – very focused – and not even realizing in his own mind that he was so young at the time.”

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