Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo had a recent interview with The Music podcast, and commented about Slipknot’s Corey Taylor.

Trujillo said that Corey rented his house in Venice, and he’s always been good to him.

The Music:

“When a big band like Metallica brings on this supporting act, sometimes they can be an emerging act or a band with a bit of buzz. Slipknot are one of the biggest bands in their own right, and they’ll be bringing out the brand new album. Who was the one to make the call to bring Slipknot on this tour?”

Here is what Trujillo said (Transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Well, usually that decision – a lot of these decisions we make collectively. I don’t know, they’re friends, I think it’s great… You know, Corey actually rented my house in Venice Beach during recording – I think was the last album a few years back, not this one, but the one before that.

So I have a fond place in my heart for him, he’s always been good to me, he’s been great to my family, so to have him on the bill with us is exciting to me.

“We haven’t played a show with Slipknot for a long time, so this is going to be cool, it’s going to be kind of like family vacation.”

You can listen the podcast below:

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