Metallica members was conversation with Rolling Stone mag. During the conversation, it came to new young bands that “carry to torch of Metallica”.  There are unexpected answers. Probably that is a big suprise for you and everyone.

One fan asked the group who the future of heavy metal was. After a brief pause, Hetfield joked, “Yeah … got any demos?” Hammett, however spoke up for a new group he likes. “I saw a video for a band a couple of days ago that really impressed me,” he said. “Their name is kind of difficult. You pronounce it ‘Horror’ but it’s Ho99o9.”

Hetfield said he hasn’t heard much in metal that has inspired him lately. “Where’s the syncopation? Where’s the heart?” he said. “I get mad. And hopefully somebody will be like me and just come up with something and be the next, cool, different thing. … Someone’s got to get pissed off enough to write something different.”

Ulrich shouted out Canadian psych-rock band Black Mountain, but spent time propping up another group. “I saw a band a couple of months ago at Glastonbury Festival called Savages – these four chicks,” Ulrich said. “Chicks? Small chickens?” Hetfield joked, but Ulrich continued. “Talk about pissed off. They’re insane. They’re this punky, so much energy, super dark, little Siouxsie and the Banshee, dark, weird Euro-punk. The singer just gets out there and screams. If you get a chance to check them out, they’re a little different.”