One of the most famous photographers of the community and also known as a special person for the Metallica family, Ross Halfin, has uploaded a bunch of new photos and mourned his long-time buddy, Rory Gallagher.

As you may recall, Rory was one of the most-talented multi-instrumentalist and blues stars of the whole Ireland history. Unfortunately, he has died at 47, in June 1995, due to complications after a liver transplant.

While Ross shared how talented artist he was, he stated that Rory was the nicest ever musician he’s ever met and photographed. Also, Ross mentioned the first time he had a record of him.

Here are the beautiful words of Ross about Rory:

“Rory Gallagher died 25 years ago today. He was without a doubt one of the nicest musicians I have ever met or photographed. One of the first records I ever had, when I was at school, was live in Europe – everyone had it.

If you don’t know him and you want to go and listen to his music, play ‘Irish Tour ‘74’ Rory at his best. #rosshalfin #rorygallagher”

A user named Steve Nall commented and shared his story with Rory:

“My first exposure to Rory was Live In Europe too, Messin’ With The Kid’ is my favorite track. I was lucky to see him soon after in Melbourne soon after.”

Another Ross follower named Jang wrote this:

“It is a shame that almost none of the younger people know about this master.”

You can check out the touching photos of Rory Gallagher below.