Metallica photographer Ross Halfin shared some great unseen live pictures of the timeless metal band from the Monsters of the Rock Tour with Van Halen taken at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Yet, the fans with the eyes like hawk were quick to catch a striking detail about bassist Newstead.

Halfin shared unseen photos of the monsters of rock from the legendary tour, as well as his cute assistant Oliver, who was a toddler at that time and a talented photographer today.

Here is the caption by Ross Halfin:

“32 years ago today I was at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ with Metallica on Monsters of Rock Tour with Van Halen. I even took my one-year-old assistant Oliver Halfin, also known as “THE BOSS”.”

However, something about Jason Newsted catches the eyes of the keen fans. The bassist cannot be seen in any of the screenshots from the tour. Who would expect that unseen?

We compiled some of the comments written by fans.

Fan named Krispykinsle commented:

“Really? No Jason”

Another fan named mfscr74 asked:

“No Newsted pics…why?”

Another fan zacring responded:

“Cool pics of 3/4 of Metallica. 30 plus years later, … And No Justice For Jason.”

As the fan notes, this brings back some bitter memories.

30 plus years ago, Jason Newsted joined the band after the former bassist Cliff Burton died in a serious accident. The band was touring in Sweden when the bus skidded off the road causing the young musician’s tragic death.

New bass player Newsted performed in 1988 Metallica album And Justice For All, however, he was practically inaudible as the low end was down in the album. As the band was mixing for the fourth Metallica album, they turned the rhythms and drums up until the bass totally disappeared. Although the other members of the band claimed nothing was intended against Newsted, the bass was muted in the entire album. Not a great way to welcome a newbie…

Long years have passed and here we are with Newsted going from unheard to unseen now, much to the fans’ surprise.

Here are the great pictures of unseen monsters through the lens of Ross Halfin.