One of the most famous photographers in the metal music scene, Ross Halfin, revealed an interesting story about a photoshoot session he had with Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell via his official Instagram account.

As he shared the pictures of Chris Cornell, Ross Halfin wanted to mention the bizarre conversation he had with the management of Chris. Apparently, after they completed a photoshoot, Halfin sent 70 photos to both Chris and his management.

However, he couldn’t get any reply, and after a month, Ross decided to ask about the situation. The assistant of Chris replied saying that they only liked one or two of the pictures he took. When Ross forwarded this message to Chris himself, he received an answer saying he liked all of the photos and gave permission to Ross to do whatever he wanted.

Later on, Halfin forwarded Chris’ response to his assistant and the answer he received was rather a shocking one. Cornell’s assistant claimed that Chris wasn’t the one who picked the pictures and stated if Ross tries to use any of the pictures without permission, he would not get any chance to take pictures of Chris again.

After forwarding this email to Chris, the legendary vocalist asked Ross to ignore his management. Apparently, the photos later used on the cover of an album regardless of the efforts of Cornell’s assistant.

Moreover, Halfin mentioned the story of one of Chris’ pictures posing behind a drum set. According to the well-known photographer, Cornell was doing his best impersonation of Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen.

Here is what Ross Halfin stated in the caption of his latest post:

“As there is a new Chris Cornell album out. I originally went to photograph him at A&M studios in Hollywood. I emailed him and his management (And I’m not talking about Vicky Cornell or Manager Ron Laffitte – who I have a good relationship with) 70 photos and heard nothing, after a month or so I chased it and the office assistant said ‘there might be 1 or 2’ they liked.

So I emailed Chris ‘what’s wrong with the pictures ?.’ He replied ‘Nothing, I like all of them, use any you like.’ I forward his email to the assistant at management and get a reply which says ‘Chris doesn’t pick his pictures, I do and if you use any of these without my approval you’ll never photograph Chris again.’ I forwarded it to Chris who replied simply ‘Ignore them – do what you want.'”

He continued:

“Sometimes employees of Management companies do have a habit of giving out ludicrous and threatening statements from time to time and getting above their status. And where do most of the pictures ultimately end up? On the cover of an album. Go figure – and you know? I’m really pleased they’ve used them.

The first shot on the drums is Chris doing his best Rick Allen impersonation, the second one is from Download Festival in the UK, The third one is in Phoenix with Audioslave, and the rest is from Plovdiv and the Royal Albert Hall and you know what? I still find it hard to come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to see him or photograph him again.”

You can check out the post below.