Metallica have released their third video of the day, this one for the song “ManUNkind”. 

In the video clip, Metallica has a concert as a young band. This video clip reminded me of the Metallica’s 1983 concert, including Cliff Burton. Check below.

New video clips will keep coming. Check the list below.

Wednesday, November 16
4p EST – “ManUNkind”  – Bravewords, Canada
6p EST – “Now That We’re Dead” – Pitchfork, USA
8p EST – “Here Comes Revenge” – Triple M, Australia
10p EST – “Am I Savage” – Ro69.JP (Rockin’ On), Japan

Thursday, November 17
12a EST – “Halo On Fire” – BiLD / Metal Hammer, Germany
2a EST – “Murder One” – Le Parisian, France
4a EST – “Spit Out The Bone” – NME, England
6a EST – “Lords of Summer” – Aftonbladet, Sweden