Classic Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen spoke in an interview with Mitch Lafon and confirmed the band is working on a remastered version of “And Justice For All”. He also revealed the release date for the album. He said:

“A remaster cut is coming out now. I’m actually in the process of sending stuff to Metallica and writing an essay about how it was recorded and what we did. The last year was the ‘Master of Puppets’ re-issue, and ‘Justice’ is gonna come out this November I guess. Same thing – vinyls, loads of CDs, rough mixes, all the demos and the works and big book and everything.

I’m guessing that the main version, like the remaster thing, is gonna sound more or less as it did. But there might be alternative versions on there.

I know for sure that nobody’s asking me to remix it or anything and I’m pretty sure nobody asked Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero to do that either.

I think they’re gonna go with the remastering thing; whether they’re gonna stick more bass in there – I have no idea. But let’s see when it comes out.

It was all recorded on two-inch tape. And I edited it so much that I’m pretty sure they’re all gonna fall apart if you start playing them now. You’d probably need to re-tape them together again.

Whether or not somebody transferred that to digital, I have no idea. And the question is, when did they do that and what does that sound like. Because once you change the format, you’re fucked.

But we’ll see. Probably in November it’s gonna be out. So we’re working on that right now.”

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