Metallica released a new version of the iconic ‘Nothing Else Matters’ song by sharing a new post on their official Twitter account.

‘Nothing Else Matters’ is Metallica’s most famous song that was released as a single from Metallica’s Black Album back in 1992, and it became a cult in the metal community since then.

Although it is such a perfect song, there are lots of cover versions of this song. ‘Nothing Else Matters’ is such a famous song around the world and between the genres that even pop singer Myley Cyrus covered it in January 2021.

Besides that, Metallica also loves to recreate their songs after years. Back in the ‘2000s, they even play the songs alongside an orchestra and released a live album with San Francisco Symphony.

This time, the band created a totally new version of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ just for the ‘Jungle Cruise’ movie, which is featuring symphonic touches as they did with the San Francisco Symphony in the live shows. However, it doesn’t have any vocals of James Hetfield.

Even though the song starts quite peacefully and slowly, the rhythm and the sound start to increase through the end of the song, especially during the guitar solo part of Kirk Hammett.

Here is the official announcement from Metallica:

Planning to watch Jungle Cruise in theaters or on Disney+ Premier Access tomorrow? Keep an ear out for a totally new and different version of ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ appearing twice in the film! Check out this sneak peek.”

You can check out the post below.