While Metallica is making the last touches to the second part of the Metallica & San Fransisco Symphony 2, Metallica’s Instagram page revealed the final logo of the concert for the first time.

Here is what Metallica wrote about the concert:

“Metallica fans from all around the world are descending on San Francisco this weekend for S&M²! Coming down to one (or both?!) of the shows at the @Chase_Center?

Use the hashtag #SandM2 and your posts may be featured on Metallica.com and in our stories!”

You can see the photo below.

Yesterday, Metallica’s iconic drummer, Lars Ulrich shared a new photo on his official and verified Instagram page and asked a Pop Quiz to his fans: “What am I thinking?”

Later on, Lars Ulrich asked his followers to write their own captions on the photo and they commented about it.

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