The iconic metal band, Metallica, recently posted a video on their official Instagram account and shared a short clip from their latest project in collaboration with important artists including Blink-182’s iconic drummer, Travis Barker.

While Metallica fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for updates on their upcoming concert or tour, Metallica surprised their fans with their recent collaboration for the soundtrack of a film.

Enter Sandman‘ is the lead single and opening track of the band’s fifth album named ‘Metallica’ which was released in 1991. The lyrics were written by James Hetfield and the music was written by Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and James Hetfield. The song is an exploration of the concept of children’s nightmares and it has an interesting metal-lullaby tone.

‘Enter Sandman’ is one of Metallica’s most critically acclaimed songs and it was covered by Elise Trouw, drummer Carey Watkins, and Travis Barker for the new American drama film called ‘Sound of Metal.’ In the video clip of the song, the American Sign Language musician and actor Paul Raci, is mouthing the song while speaking sign language.

The film was released theatrically on November 20, and on Amazon Prime Video just a day ago, on December 4. It looks like Metallica really enjoyed their latest collaboration as they proudly uploaded a part of the video clip as soon as it came out.

Here’s what Metallica said in the caption of their latest Instagram post:

“Experience the Sound of Metal with this unique take on ‘Enter Sandman’ as the American Sign Language musician and actor from ‘Sound of Metal’ Paul Raci, artist Elise Trouw, drummer Carey Watkins, and special guest Travis Barker create a visual and auditory experience.

The Amazon original movie, ‘Sound of Metal,’ is out now on Amazon Prime Video! Check it out at Sound of Metal Screening’s webpage.”

You can check out Metallica’s recent post on their Instagram account below.