One of the finest guitarists of this century, Metallica legend Kirk Hammett, has reposted the tweet of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash about the bushfire in Australia via his verified and official Twitter account.

Yesterday, Guns N’ Roses icon, Slash made an important statement about the bushfire in Australia which has continued since October. In the statement, he explained the effects of bushfire on neighboring countries and all the world.

You can read the statement of Slash:

Nearly 200 fires are still burning across the entire country of Australia, with smoke spreading across thousands of miles — affecting places as far as New Zealand, where ash has turned glaciers yellow.

More than 15 million acres of land have been scorched — 7x the 2019 Amazon fires and 3x the 2018 California fires. The death toll has climbed to at least 24 people and more than 1,200 homes have been destroyed. (If you wanna read more to the statement, click here.)

Today, Kirk Hammett has posted the tweet of Slash via his verified and official Twitter account, and he added a short but effective message. He wanted help from his fans, friends, whoever for the bushfire in Australia.

Here’s what Kirk Hammett wrote:

“Help when you can, where you can. We only have one world.”

You can see tweets of the couple right below.