James Hetfield Mustache, which is one of the most popular Papa Het fan pages on Instagram, has posted some rare photos of the frontman from the times he was chilling out with his classic car.

As you might remember, Metallica has decided to postpone its upcoming shows because of the alcohol rehab of James Hetfield in the middle of 2019. In January 2020, Papa Het returned to the public by attending a classical car exhibit, and he was looking healthy.

James is known for his passion for classical cars. He has a workshop and working on his own private and signature cars. Today, an Instagram fan page has revealed one of the rarest frames of James Hetfield in which he can be seen while driving his black classic car. According to the little information text, the photos were taken beginning of 2019 which means before the rehab sessions.

The page didn’t write anything in the caption area of the post but some fans paid their respect by writing some kind words in the comment section.

One of them is Muffin wrote:

“You always take the best quality pics on your fan page!! I ❤️”

Another Papa Het fan commented:

“Those cheeks are like …😍”

See the original Instagram post below.