One of the most famous rock community photographers, Ross Halfin posted a bunch of golden-worth photos of Metallica legend, Lars Ulrich, today.

As you might all know that today is the 56th birthday of the legendary drummer, and Ross chose to celebrate his longtime friend’s birthday with never-before-seen footage of Lars.

In one of these photos, Lars was dressed like a woman to take the photo you are about the see right now.

Here is the caption of it:

“A very happy birthday today to Mr. Lars Ulrich.
#rosshalfin #larsulrich #metallica”

An Instagram user named johnzoccophoto commented:

“ I was scrolling through the photos I found myself speeding up and slowing down.”

Another user, whitfield_rosie wrote this:

“His an awesome person. #ross, I bet it’s a pleasure to know #lars. Happy 56th birthday #larsulrich. Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🎂🎊🍻🎧 🎾”

You can check out the post below.