Metallica’s drummer and co-founder, Lars Ulrich, recently shared an old photo of himself from 1989 on his official Instagram account, commenting on his clothes and hairstyle as well as his effort to look tough and metal.

Lars Ulrich shared a photo of himself from the ’80s. He is looking quite thin but tough with his arms crossed over his chest, wearing a sleeveless shirt. He wrote:

“Bathed in Blue..
Around 1989 give or take”

He then commented on his look, assuring his fans that his hair was not a mullet:

“Brush hair.. check
Cut sleeves off shirt.. check
Attempt to look aloof and heavy.. check
Btw, that’s not a mullet!”

He wished everyone happy Friday:

“”Happy Friday
Hope everyone’s safe and rocking!”

Lars Ulrich fans loved the photo and left many comments, saying that it was surely a mullet.

Lynette said:

“It’s for sure a mullet🧐”

Steven commented:

“You’re the best but that’s definitely a mullet buddy. Love you man”

Jacob said:

“My fav drummer right there”

You can see the photo Lars Ulrich shared below.