Metallica legend Lars Ulrich’s beloved wife, Jessica Miller has posted a recent photo of herself with a cow named “Nicholas” on her verified Instagram page.

Than, Lars Ulrich chimed in, and wrote a very funny comment at the bottom of that photo.

Here is what Jessica wrote:

“That’s it @larsulrich , we’re moving to @_animalplace ✅.”

Lars has penned a comment on this photo, and proposed an idea:

“You, me and Nicholas the Cow at @_animalplace? That sounds way cozy, but what about Mootallica?”

Jessica wrote an answer to Lars:

“@larsulrich Mootallica as the AP house band…DONE 💋🎉🌈.”

A user named colleen.l.smith wrote this:

“I love seeing all the photos of you at Happy Place. I wish there was a place close to me where I could hug and kiss a cow. Turkey and a pig.”

Another Instagram user, jonsanchez1 commented and asked:

“Are you gluten free also? Do you have a great GF spot in SF?”

You can see the post below.