Metallica’s iconic bassist Robert Trujillo posted a recent photo on his official Instagram after almost two weeks and showed his tremendous love to his lovely wife Chloe.

As Robert kisses her lovely wife in a passionate way, he also celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary with spreading astonishing words on the caption. One of the 50K users who liked that post was the official Instagram account of Metallica.

Here is what Rob wrote on the caption:

“Feliz cinco de Mayo a todos!
And this day is also Chloe and my 16 year wedding anniversary,
I must thank my beautiful wife for keeping me humble, safe, and insane… lol.

In the best way possible. Bisou.
@chloetrujillo #happyanniversary #cincodemayo”

An Instagram user named beardedhumor commented on the post:

“Congrats! And thanks for another amazing Metallica Monday last night from London.”

Rob’s lovely wife Chloe also commented on the post but avoided writing many things:


Another Instagram personality named jzixlb shared his thoughts:

“You guys are very friendly and kind, I really appreciate your pure souls. I hope you two and your kids have a happy and healthy life.”

Check out the photo right below.