On April 1, Metallica shared a setlist before the Lollapalooza Chile concert. In this setlist, there were many songs that were not played for a long time.

In addition, the most popular songs of the new album were included in the setlist. Then it became clear that this was a joke.

Metallica’s April Fools setlist

1. Spit Out the Bone
2. Jump in the Fire
3. My World
4. Fixxxer
5. Sweet Amber
6. I Disappear
7. Escape
8. Hate Train
9. Unforgiven 1-2-3 Medley
10. Eye of the Beholder
11. Murder One
12. Better Than You
13. Ronnie
14. Minus Human
15. The More I See (Discharge cover)
16. Mama Said
17. My Apocalypse

The actual setlist:

1. Hardwired
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Fuel
5. One
6. Now That We’re Dead
7. Moth Into Flame
8. Harvester of Sorrow
9. Halo on Fire (followed by Rob’s solo, including ” To Live Is to Die” and “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)”)
10. Motorbreath (first performance since August 13, 2013)
11. Sad but True
12. Wherever I May Roam
13. Master of Puppets (followed by Kirk’s solo including “The Shortest Straw” and “2×4”)
14. Fade to Black (preceeded by “The Call of Ktulu” intro on acoustic guitar)
15. Seek & Destroy
16. Fight Fire With Fire
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman (followed by ‘The Frayed Ends of Sanity’ main riff)