There are around a very interesting claim about Metallica and meeting them. According to Alternative Nation, Metallica will let you meet and drink them around the band’s upcoming February shows in Copenhagen. This is a very special VIP package for price of $2000.

We have done some research on this topic. We look some of the Metallica fan pages on Facebook. And as a result, these rumors are %100 true. If you meet and drink with Metallica, you must pay $2000. 

To participate in this VIP package, you must buy a ticket for February shows in Copenhagen. Here is the notification about this case, comes to your face when buying tickets:

  • With a seat in our best ticket category, you will see Metallica in Copenhagen’s new Royal Arena
  • Hang out with members of the band!*
  • We invite you to the ‘Sanitarium Rubber Room’, which offers:
  • 2 drink tickets, as well as the opportunity to buy cash at the bar **
  • Dine in and take in the buffet: ‘Spit Out The Bone’
  • You can access the “Memory Remains’: A brand new exhibition of memorable band moments, the band’s wardrobes from live concerts, instruments, recordings and images never before shown, and more.
  • Receive a professional group photograph with all four members of Metallica, from just before the broadcast “Hit the Lights.’
  • An autographed setlist signed by all four members of Metallica.
  • A Metallica show poster (limited edition version!)
  • One (1) Metallica t-shirt, you choose which one.
  • Separate merchandise sales.
  • An exclusive concert host / hostess of the evening.*
  • Band members represented may vary per show
  • ** Danish liquor laws are applicable.

Well, Metallica fans, this is a really great chance for meeting Metallica members. This will not only meeting them, you will have the chance to drink with Metallica maybe including James Hetfield. As you know, James did not attend meetings for “Meet ‘n Greet” on the last world tour. Therefore, the chance is very valuable.

Last update: Tickets are sold out. You’ve missed the chance. Sorry.