Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says they’d like to be the first band to ever play in space.

In 2013, the band set a world record by playing all seven continents in a yr – completing the feat by performing for a group of 120 scientists in a transparent dome at Carlini Station in Antarctica.

That Metallica’s guitarist Hammett to report that he had always wished to play “on the space shuttle, maybe the moon” as they were running out of locations to play on Earth.

And when asked about the opportunity of being the first band to play in space, drummer Lars Ulrich says they’ve “a few feelers out” to see if it might occur someday.

Talking with Siriusxm after their Baltimore rehearsal set last night, Lars Ulrich mentioned:

“Living in San Francisco which is the gateway to the future, clearly all those things are being planned round San Francisco to a degree so I really feel that we’re close to that as we could be.

There’s a number of feelers out to a couple individuals – nothing worth giving away yet. The headline ‘Metallica promises to play in space’ can definitely be derived out of this wishy-washy answer!”

He continued:

“I don’t really wish to commit to anything other than to say that if there really is a possibility for this to happen, then we’ll happily be at the very front of that line.

I believe we have shown over the last few decades that that sense of spirit, that sense of adventure still burns in us and that we would like to, and would bend over backwards to, make something out of the ordinary happen, so watch this space.”

Metallica currently running on their European tour.