It was announced on Metallica’s official Instagram account that the band reached 1.3 billion streams and 112.2 million hours worth of playtime in 2021 on Spotify. It is also the third year in a row that the band’s music was played more than a billion times on Spotify.

As you may recall, Metallica recently appeared on stage at the Chase Center in San Francisco for their 40th-anniversary shows. The concerts were unique and unforgettable for many fans as the band performed at least one song from each album. The concerts were also live-streamed through various platforms for those who couldn’t attend.

Back in 2012, Metallica had agreed to include their entire catalog to be freely available on Spotify. Although the band is known for its opposition to file-sharing on streaming platforms, it couldn’t resist its growing popularity and finally made a deal with Spotify. Besides their studio albums, some live material, various collaborations, and remixes were also made available on the platform.

Metallica has achieved great success on their Spotify streams, especially in the last three years. They managed to reach over a billion streams in 2021 as they did also in 2020 and 2019. In their Instagram post, Metallica announced that they had 1.3 billion streams in total and also 58 million listeners in 178 countries, which is a huge success for the legendary band. Metallica thanked all their fans for their endless support and wished Happy New Year to everyone.

Metallica’s Instagram post read:

“With all the ups and downs of 2021, one thing remained consistent – you listened to a lot of Metallica on Spotify! Just when we thought you couldn’t possibly listen to any more, you went and proved us wrong.

Clocking in at 112.2M hours of streaming, we were the top artist for 1M of you! Honestly, we don’t even know what to say. But a massive thank you, ‘Metallica family’ feels pretty appropriate right about now. Happy New Year to you all; we’ll see you in 2022!”

You can see the photo they posted below.

Photo Credit: Metallica – Instagram