System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan spoke in the recent interview with Let There Be Talk and revealed his opinion about Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘…And Justice For All’ albums.

The legendary bass guitarist of Metallica, Cliff Burton, has passed away due to the devastating bus accident in 1986. After the unexpected death of Cliff, Jason Newsted joined the band during the recording sessions of Justice album in 1988.

Jason’s first album with Metallica was …And Justice For All, and he performed in albums like Metallica, Load, ReLoad, Garage Inc.

During the conversation, System of a Down star is paying his respect to Metallica’s legendary albums, Master of Puppets and Justice album, by calling them his favorites of all time. However, he also claimed that Metallica insulted Jason Newsted on the Justice album by reducing the sounds of the bass guitar.

Here is what John Dolmayan said:

“‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Justice’ were my two favorites, and if you listen to that album, aside from the fact that there’s no bass…

“I feel bummed for Newsted. It was already tough enough for him replacing Cliff Burton, who was a phenomenal bass player.”

John added:

“It’s already tough enough for him, and then can you imagine, like, you work on that album and all that, and it comes out and you can’t hear your fucking bass? That’s a huge insult. It’s a great album, but I can’t help but feel bad, though, for Newsted.”

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