Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked in an interview with Terry L. Karges and broken his silence after the alcohol addiction rehab. In the conversation, they have talked about the history of Metallica.

As you can read below, in the interview, Metallica legend James Hetfield made a special statement about how did they find the name of Metallica.

The interviewer asked a question:

“How did that name, Metallica, come about?”

James Hetfield replied:

“In the early days, it was back in the tape trading days, you had your favorite bands you loved and usually the bands were tape trading. And along with that, there were fanzines.

Somebody basically just took pictures, wrote a story, and put it in the printer and put it together and sold it for 50 cents, and there were all these metal fanzines.

Our friend Ronnie Quintana, who was in the San Francisco area, he had a whole list of different titles for his magazine, and it ended up being Metal Mania, and one of the extra names on there was Metallica. So, we borrowed it.”

Terry L. Karges asked another question:

“Did you design your logo? When did that happen?”

James Hetfield told the story of their logo:

“I did. Well, we needed one, we got the band name, and we needed a logo.

And I just remember sitting with my buddy Ron [McGovney, original Metallica bassist] at his house and just pulling out the napkin and just kind of scribbling as we’re trying to plan our world domination, just sketching up this thing. It had barbs on it, and it stuck.”

You can watch the video of the interview below and click here for the source.