Baroness frontman John Baizley recently had an iterview with Radioactive Mike, and talked about 2012 bus accident.

Since then, everybody was curious about if any of his musician friends called him or not, and also why they didn’t packed up after that horrible crash.

Here is what Baizley said:

“I prefer not to speak for the other band members that were in our bus during that crash because everybody had a very uniquely different experience. “I particularly was struck, if you will, by that accident.

I’ve got scars that won’t heal. I’ve got a seam running up to the entire length of my left arm, a ton of hardware – a bunch of things missing, a bunch of things replaced. It was really not a pleasant story from my standpoint.

I will say that in order to make that experience mean something of value to me, moving forward with the band provided me with means by which I did rehabilitate myself to the best of my ability, given my current physical limitations.

Things were pretty rough and continue to be so – it’s just an awful situation – but at least I’ve got my creativity, that helped carry me through difficult times in my life.”

Also, Radioactive Mike asked if Metallica’s James Hetfield called him or not.

Here is his answer:

“I did, and many since then. I’ll admit that sounds glamorous and I’m not saying it’s not – you know what I mean, like, I value that phone call, that and several others that I was privy to when I was in a hospital when I was quite unable to take care of myself.

Phone calls like that one Hetfield gave me and some of my other dear friends that reached out when they knew I was compromised and didn’t feel nervous about calling me, those were the things that kept me going in those hours.

If you’re listening to this and if you ever doubt the fact that there are people who become our musical idols, basically become celebrities over time, it can be easy to sort of write people off like that.

They’re wealthy, famous, and they don’t care about the things that I care about. Occasionally they do, and that’s proof, that was the proof I needed at that point – big and small, we all have a huge capacity to understand and sympathize with human suffering and we’re all here to help everybody else around us.”

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