Metallica frontman James Hetfield has done his first live performance after entering the rehab in September 2019.

In the show at Saban in Los Angeles, James revealed the funny moments that he has experienced with the famous musician Eddie Money, who passed away in September 2019.

After this little chat, James started to play his acoustic guitar and fascinated the fans with Eddie’s ‘Baby Hold On’ song, paying tribute to the iconic musician.

Here is what James Hetfield said:

“So, I got to hang out with Eddie – the last three years of his life. I saw the cleaned-up version of Eddie.

I met him at a Raiders game. He was going to sing the National Anthem. So I met him before he went out there, and he kinda blew me off.”

He continued:

“I thought, ‘Who is is this pompous ass?!’ And if you spot it, you’ve got it, is what I’m saying. So it was, like, two big dogs going in a circle around each other, which was kind of funny.

And I saw through it. I saw through that ego, and he saw through mine, and we got to be friends – ’cause I think our egos matched the size or our insecurities.”

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