During the recent live show of Metallica, frontman James Hetfield had an interesting conversation with 10-year-old Metallica fan named “James Orion”.

The video has shared on Metallica’s official Instagram account and you can watch it below. Here’s the conversation:

James Hetfield:

“We’re blown away and we have three generations of here as the Metallica family. Here’s a young dude, what’s your name?”

Kid says:

“James Orion”


“Don’t lie to me! (Lars laughs) His name is Orion. James Orion. Wow!!! I must say, it’s kind of creepy. Hahahaha. Nope, that’s an honor. And you how old are you, James Orion?”

Kid showed his fingers and said:


Watch the video below.

Listen to Metallica’s Orion below.