A very surprising fact about the Dubstep star, Skrillex, has emerged. Yes, as you can imagine, Skrillex (Sonny John Moore) is a complete metal fan. We can even call him a Metallica fan.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield shared an interesting memoir about Skrillex. James spoke in an interview with the WTF Podcast and revealed that Skrillex was present at Metallica’s “S&M” performance at the Berkeley Community Theatre back in April 1999. He said:

“A little side note/interesting thing: the artist Skrillex who is somewhat popular – he was in the audience at that gig.

He’s in the video; he’s got blonde hair, he’s the kid that’s trying to stage dive! [Laughs] Stage-dive at the symphony!”

You can watch the concert video from below. At the time of this incident, Skrillex was 11 years old. Maybe you can find him on the video.