Metallica’s official Instagram page posted a new and astonishing photo of James ‘Papa Het’ Hetfield’s custom painted guitar.

According to the official Instagram page, James Hetfield will use this beauty on the July leg of the World Wired Tour in Europe.

Here is what they wrote:

“My new @ESPGuitarsVulture, custom painted by my decorated veteran friend. Ready for the July leg of the #WorldWired tour in Europe.” — JH
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A user named james_hetfield_mustache commented:

“Wish he brought back a new ESP mx250 guitar. Like the “man to wolf” guitar he recently started using again. Miss those explorers.”

Another Instagram user, goncalmeida75:

“That looks like a flying-v… Gibson will kiiiiiiiilllllll youuuuu!”

lauragates2 shared his opinion:

“That is pretty!! Thank you for sharing pictures of it with us!! 🤘🤘❤️❤️”

You can see the photo below: