Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in an interview with 100.3 FM The X and talked about his viewpoint of the world.

Interviewer asked ‘how Metallica members feel whenever a fan comes up to them and tells them that their music saved his or her life’, and James Hetfield responded:

“I know what they mean, ’cause it saved my life. So, yeah, join the club. [Laughs] But that is the ultimate connection, really — something that I’ve felt; some fear, some anxiety, some… whatever it may be.

My viewpoint of the world, I think, it is totally off kilter, it’s defective, and then when someone else comes up to you and says that, ‘Hey, what you’ve written down or what you’ve created has helped me.’

So that’s more of a connection… It’s like you haven’t spoken any words; you’ve just felt what that person is feeling — even though it might be a different feeling.

It’s vague enough where they can totally dive in and say… And everyone loves it when someone’s telling their story. Someone’s saying, ‘That guy is singing to me,’ or, ‘That song is about me.'”

Bassist Rob Trujillo added:

“I think with music — I call it the ultimate conduit, so that it’s the connector — and with music, and the magic of music, you’re making people happy. I used to actually run in the mountains, train to Metallica music back on the ‘Ride The Lightning’ album, so there’s always a place for it, and it’s almost always positive for most people.

I would imagine it’s helped you in your journey — our music — and it will continue to do that. Music is like magic in my mind — it’s really special. And you’re committed to music because of what you do and your job and your life.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the text.