Photo: Rolling Stone

Speaking in an interview with British magazine Clash, Metallica frontman James Hetfield explained their first goal as a musician. He said:

“Well, our goal was to not work. (Laughs) That was it. That was the first goal. ‘Let’s not have a job, because my job sucks, and I hear you talking about your job and it sucks. I work in a factory, you’re delivering papers – let’s not work. That would be cool.

And if this can help us not work, I love doing this!’ I’m sure there’s plenty of challenges out there that people don’t understand – convenience has become the norm. There will be challenges, you know? If it’s meant to be, you’ll face those challenges and attack them, whatever it is.

The kids these days have lots of choices, like I was saying, and if you think it’s easy and then it becomes hard, there’s a challenge right there. I think hard work is a really great character builder.”

He also talked about Metallica audience:

“We see from 70-year-old ladies to 10-year-old girls in the front row, and it’s amazing. Never would I have thought. Back in the ’80s it was long-haired sweaty dudes with leather jackets, and now there’s a multitude of different ethnicities and careers and body shapes. You name it, it’s transcended all boundaries, really.

Even seeing flags from Iraq or Iran, it’s amazing. It’s so cool that there’s no boundaries, that we get to express ourselves and not worry about political stances or religious or whatever. We’re creating stuff that’s hopefully accepted everywhere.”

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