Metallica’s frontman and guitarist James Hetfield shared a message on the RoadRecovery YouTube channel for the youth who are struggling with addiction.

Road Recovery previously shared messages from other celebrities like Slash and Tom Morello in which they also showed their support for young people who need help. This time, James Hetfield shared his thoughts, related his experiences and feelings, and gave some advice to those who need it.

As you may know, Hetfield suffered from alcohol addiction most of his life. The tours he went on with Metallica and the rock and roll party lifestyle dragged him into a life of bad habits. After he realized that his bad habits affected his family badly, he decided to check into rehab in 2004 and successfully overcame his addiction.

Hetfield stayed sober for 15 years until he relapsed in 2019. He realized that he needs to overcome this once again, he checked into rehab, while concentrating on his mental health.

Papa Het said that he knew he was not the only one who went through hard times in the past, and that he will not be alone in the future either. Therefore, he wanted to show his support and say ‘you are not alone’ to the people, especially young people, who are going through similar struggles.

In his message he stated:

“I know we’re going through some rough times, and I’m just here to send a message of hope and that you’re not alone – that we’re all living this together and that we’ve been given a gift of music, which is a great thing to lean on and rely on.”

After Hetfield stated that music is something that could help individuals overcome the bad things in life, he talked about his process of producing music in relation to his emotional state. He revealed that he writes lyrics whenever he feels sad and composes music whenever he is happy.

Here is what he fully said:

“I’ve been writing a lot of riffs, writing a lot of lyrics. Obviously, at this time, a lot of feelings come up, you know? When I get really emotional, that’s when I write lyrics. When I get in a really happy, good mood, that’s when I start writing riffs. That’s just what I do, and you’ll find your own thing. But you’ve been given a gift of music, and to utilize that in great times and in struggles.

Because of his alcohol addiction, James Hetfield has had his fair share of struggles in his life. The problems other people face may not be the same kind but, stating that no one is alone is helpful, especially when it comes from a rockstar like Hetfield to whom people look up to.

You can watch his full message below.