Metallica’s official Instagram account shared a recent interesting photo of James Hetfield from Oracle Park.

It looks that James Hetfield put a ‘HET’ with a pen to the “Field Office” and made it look like “Hetfield Office.”

Here is what’s written on the caption:

They gave me an office! #MetallicaNight”

A fan named bert.51 commented:

“He aged so fast the last few years 😔”

ziaon01 wrote that:

“Ohhh papa your looking older! It’s hard to watch our heroes age.”

nijman84 also commented:

“Mate I love you and Metallica more than life itself but with that get up I wouldn’t let you within 100m of a school.”

Another fan named greg_evol:

“While I can understand the urge to point out how James has aged. Let me remind everyone here. You are not getting any younger either. Your time is coming and someday people may make age comments to you or about you.”

You can see the photo below:

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They gave me an office! #MetallicaNight

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