One of the greatest frontmen of all time, and also the frontman of Metallica, James Hetfield has posted a special video on Metallica’s official Instagram account.

As you can see below, Papa Het sing along to Slayer’s classic song Angel of Death while driving his car. Papa Het shared the video with this caption:

“SLAYING makes me smile!” — JH


#slayer #papahet #donttrythisathome

A fan commented:

“Imagine cruising down the highway and seeing fucking Hetfield rocking out to angel of death!!! That’s the most metal thing ever!”

Another fan wrote:

“He is even downpicking in the car 😂”

Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho commented:

“Best video ever haha!”

Another fan wrote:

“This is why James Hetfield is the best

You can watch the video below.